F100 JOIN 2

Join! Regional Airlines General Information

JOIN! Will be able to operate scheduled and unscheduled services on behalf of third parties, or under its own brand JOIN! Regional Airlines. The team of aviation experts is available to manage the airline or support start-up initiatives without geographic restrictions.

As a holding structure various projects could be executed the same team, managed from a central management structure and optimizing the results of each partner by reducing costs. The scale of operations will allow such effective measurements.

Depending the result and further development of operations, JOIN! will offer suitable aircraft capacity related to frequency and schedule. Aircraft can be operated in co-operation with an ACMI providing airline, or under the Air Operating Certificate (AOC) of JOIN! Regional Airlines.

Related to each project development the required AOC can be applied with the main country of operations, of using an AOC acceptable for the country of operations.

Join! Crew

Related to each individual project, JOIN! will recruit and train its own crew in the region of operations. Only in start-up phase of a project, ACMI lease (Aircraft Crew Maintenance Insurance) will be the most effective way of operating, using crew of the aircraft lessor.

It is our aim to create strong individual operations under the holding structure, however each with its own local brand added to the JOIN! name. (JOIN! Air Guinee as an example).

Local staff will be recruited and trained for operational, commercial and accounting departments. This will generate labor and stronger engagement locally.

Join! Fleet

JOIN! selects aircraft suitable for frequency and market demand for each route, however will also seek commonality in its fleet to allow easy swop of aircraft and crew if needed. In the range of 50 – 150 seats aircraft there is a choice for various manufacturers.

For shorter routes, up to 1:30 hour flight time, turboprop aircraft will be most cost effective. Jet aircraft for routes over 1:30 hour and routes with high demand in seat capacity on shorter routes.

In the future JOIN! intents to add its own maintenance facilities and crew training school to the projects with the scale of operations sized for such additional activities. These services could be offered to third parties as well.